Divine Light Ocean Retreat

Tune in to the Peace within


Sacred Energy Healing and Divine Light Guidance

Jaya Sarada

Pathways of Light Minister & Sacred Energy Healer

Jaya, an ordained minister through Pathways of Light, is a practitioner of Sacred Energy Healing, an authentic healing work which has roots in ancient medicine. She brings to this work years of training and experience in energy medicine and spiritual transformation. Through the use of kinesiology, channeling, mantras, sacred communion and clearing oils, aura and chakra clearing.

Also,  she offers Divine Light Guidance,  in which she will guide you to open doorways to your deepest heart’s yearning and life purpose.  As well as she will facilitate deep clearing, healing  and transformation of your life force which will free your being to explore its infinite possibilities. 

Jaya offers her years of experience to  assist you in uncovering the root cause of imbalances in your Body, Mind and Spirit, as well as assist you in discovering your unique path of restoration and healing.