Divine Light Ocean Retreat

Tune in to the Peace within



The Divine Light Ocean Retreat offers sacred healing services from
extraordinary healers and intuitives.

Jaya Sarada

Pathways of Light Minister & Sacred Energy Healer

Jaya, an ordained minister through Pathways of Light, is a practitioner of Sacred Energy Healing, an authentic healing work which has roots in ancient medicine. She brings to this work years of training and experience in energy medicine and spiritual transformation.

Through the use of kinesiology, channeling, mantras, sacred communion and clearing oils, aura and chakra clearing, and Divine Ministry, Jaya will guide you to open doorways to your deepest heart’s yearning and life purpose. Jaya will assist you in uncovering the root cause of imbalances in Body, Mind and Spirit, as well as assist you in discovering your unique path of restoration and healing.

In addition to this impressive academic and spiritual roster, Jaya is a respected and self-published author, penning a series of books including the well known “Awakening Your Chakras,” ”The Sacred Code of Love” — in which she channels Mary Magdalene and Yeshua (Jesus), and “Sacred Kinesiology” — a complete resource guide of energy medicine techniques, remedies and methods to assist you in restoring your system back to balance and harmony.

Marcia Jones

Clinical & Energetic Healer, Minister

Marcia has over 30 years experience in Clinical and Alternative Medicine, a naturally gifted Energy / Spiritual Healer and Intuitive.  Certified in many modalities of healing practices she is also a Reiki Master and Ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church.

Through her use of profoundly effective combinations of healing methods and techniques she is able to help identify, heal, release issues and imbalances that create blocks in the physical, emotional and etheric body thereby raising your vibration and helping to create transformation on all levels.

Always an avid seeker of the deeper spiritual meaning of life, she is committed to helping others navigate their way through the Souls Journey with Grace, Love, Understanding and Humor.

Sessions may Include: Various Energy/Spiritual healing techniques, Hypnotherapy, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique), Use of Vibrational Tuning Forks and Crystals. 

Anna Reiki Master Oregon Coast

Anna Schmidt

Reiki Master & Intuitive Facilitator

Anna first became aware of energy healing with her own health issues. She searched for relief through all the conventional sources, only to find that healing really does comes from within.  However, she needed some assistance to help her.  Reiki wass the tool that reminded her body, mind, and spirit that healing is not only possible, it is intrinsic. She continue to grow and heal, as well as assist others' with their healing. Healing energy is Universal energy, and she believes it doesn't just heal the one receiving it, it can heal our community as a whole.

Anna received her Reiki Master certification in 2014.  Since then, she has conducted reiki on humans, pets, wildlife (a personal passion), nature and our earth (giving and receiving), and situations (e.g. natural disasters).  She conducts healing in person or through distance reiki.  

Anna would be honored to be a part of your or a loved one's intrinsic healing.