Divine Light Ocean Retreat

Tune in to the Peace within




Sacred Energy Healing includes your personal energy evaluation that offers you a map to your Well Being in Body, Mind and Spirit.  You will learn about the healing  priority for your well being,  how to release emotional and mental blocks and pinpoint what chakras and meridians need attention. Opening your energy system to a greater vitality is the foundation of Sacred Energy Healing. 

Through clearing and balancing your energy bodies (etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual planes) you restore natural happiness and  peace.  Your life purpose will be revealed. 

Sessions in person include Sacred Anointing, Reiki,  Crystal Toning, and  Healing Light Touch,  a method  of deep relaxation. 

Distance Sessions are available as well that provides you with your personal energy map, suggestions for corrections and distance Reiki and Healing Light Energy.

Jaya brings to you over 30 years as an energy medicine therapist, teacher and author of Sacred Energy Healing. Jaya is an Ordained Minister and Reiki Master. 

Sessions $120 per hour